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  • Curly

  • A Lounge Chair

Fall 2023
4  weeks
Explorations:  Furniture Design,  Woodworking,  Joinery, Soft Goods

  • Curly

    is a chair designed to feel like you are in an Air Chair. Purly designed based on my wants in a chair, it has a soft seat pan and back with arm rests wide enough to set multiple drinks or a laptop. It is a comfort chair meant for my own hyggekrog. 


  • Process

I started my chair with making profile views and began to form my ideas around what curves I was attracted to.
I started to make models to determine where I needed structure and to figure out what I was able to reference from drawing to making.
I knew from the start I wanted a fabric bottom and ended up using hammock nylon because I knew it could hold the weight. During modeling there was a lot of back and forth between if a back rest is needed and if I need more support towards the front legs.
I measured myself often to figure out to make this the right chair for my measurements.
I made more models with a realistic wood thickness and different arms to figure out which shape is the best.
Using Illustrator to determine the best profile.
Trying many arm shapes.
Once I had bought my wood, I knew that I would have to split and attach them to create my sides. 
I ended up rough cutting out the pieces to create the siding. I decided to create my domino placements before cutting out the shapes because I did not want any possible shifting ruining the curves.
The most complex part of the chair was figuring out the glue ups. I lost days of work waiting for glue to dry as I had to attach the back and legs seperately. The process was similar to my table, which was done prior. 
To cut out the shapes I broke up my illustrator drawings into the sizing of my wood and then cut the profiles to fit. I then laser cut the pieces with acrlic and used it as a guide first on the bandsaw and then on the router.
I shortened my dowel inserts by taking them to the lathe to make the diameter on the ends an inch instead of 5/4ths. Once this was done and I made the correct holes, I tested how long and wide my fabric would need to be. 
I picked the thread colors not to blend in to the fabric, but to match the curly maple. 

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