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Georgia wants to create a world where everyone can have "life defining moments." To her, this means that others are able to enjoy the little things in life, from childhood to adulthood. 

 Growing up in a small remote town of only around 2,000 residents, she learned the value of creating life-long relationships from an early age and appreciating the beauty and curiosity of the natural world. 

To her, these things and moments are the happy accidents in her life, where she could have chosen to stay in a place most people never leave and never learn about what else is out there. 

After moving to Pittsburgh and attending a prestigious college, she learned to recognize these happy accidents as serendipitous. She believes these moments in life define who we are as people and reflect our happiest moments. 

She hopes to use this philosophy to create objects that bring joy and comfort to others. She dedicates her practice to helping others experience more serendipitous encounters.

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