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  • The Proposal

  • Shining Ball Beetle

Fall 2022
7 weeks
Explorations:  Pla, Multiples, Felting, Spraypainting,  Pigments

  • The Proposal

    was made as part of a three-object series about experimental form. Using a Shining Ball Beetle as inspiration, I conceptualized how might I create a form that represents the beetle in a new fashion. Shining Ball Beetles are not commonly known insects. Yet, scarabs have a deep-rooted history in Egyptian culture as a symbol of the divine manifestation of the sun. Egyptians would wear a scarab as a symbol of life, death, and rebirth. Considering the Shining Ball Beetle's appearance as an amulet, I considered the notion of the beetle being a carrier rather than an object of affection. Looking into the beetle's movements and ability to roll into a ball for protection, I decided a proposal box would encompass the beetle's symbolism and form. With this ability of opening and closing, along with the premise of life, death, and rebirth, I questioned how creating this proposal box would open up the idea of the promises made in matrimony and the symbolism of "till death do us part."

The Muse


  • Process

In the beginning I spent a lot of time researching and trying to understand how the beatle is able to roll into this shape. Not much is known about them, they are not studied often, but they appear in many different places around the world in many different colors and sometimes sizes. 
I tried to stick with the common coloration of the bug, which tends to be green to blue metallics with a red underbelly.
To start modelling I ended up cutting racketballs. They were about the correct size for a ring box and since they were circular. It allowed me to figure out the correct way that the box can open, all the while maintaining the anatomy of the bug.
After racketball trials, I began modeling in SolidWorks. The struggle at this point was figuring out how the back will hinge
In the end, I ended up making space to fit a watch hinge and ended up going to a local jeweler to see what may work best.
I printed my first test bug with SLA in a resin printer. 
It instantly required a re-print, as the holes for the hinge were to small. I ended up resizing the fit.
Right out of the UV light: The insides and sides were very rough, and even the outside had layer lines. I ended up doing a lot of clean up on each.
After some wet sanding I was able to smooth out the bugs.
Next came spraying a grey undertone inorder to get more paint to stick.
At this time I had begun needle felting the inside of the boxs. It required constantly checking to see if it could fit a band and was not too tight at the top of the felt.
Next I spraypainted the bugs black. My plan was to paint on the holographic metalics, but it was very streaky.
I ended up having to DIY the paint and ended up mixing the pigment base with my spray clearcoat and covering it multiple times. I would then go in with a smaller brush and paint the details.
Once everything was painted, I really only had one shot at getting the hinges in. 
I glued in the felt and finished!

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