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  • Bean

  • High & Low Tech

Spring 2023
14 weeks
Explorations:  Research,  Woodworking,  Keyshot Animations

“Alleviating unnecessary movement to immerse oneself into the cathartic and meditative process of painting.“

  • Bean

    is a table designed for the modern day painter. Bean allows artist to immerse themselves in painting without having to worry about physical ailments, and taxing movements that prevent painters from enjoying their process. The table is both a wooden table and a high tech imaginative table for the future.

  • Low-Tech

  •         The low tech table is a rendition of a new type of drafting table, that leaves space both to draw and to hang a reference photo. This table supports the use of a modern swivel chair and allows for materials to be kept closer.

  • High-Tech

  •         This is the imaginative version of the low-tech with all the bells and whistles. This table supports the same movements, but also adds storage and technology in a useful way. It has a rotating lazy susan to allow for easy access to current materials, subtractive weight-based spaces to avoid spillage of water, and a UI system that brings up reference photos and helps artists find their perfect color matches. 


The prototype low-tech table

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